Suzanne Lindqvist

Suzanne is an engaged, unpretentious and trustworthy consultant, who, with her client focus, inspires, challenges and sees the bigger picture. *

What you can expect from me

The dynamic interplay between the individual and the organisation, with the right person in the right position makes for strong enterprises, profitable on the long term. Good leadership in a well designed organisation, where the individual is well matched to his/her role, gives people the possibility to prosper – to use their full capabilities at work with delight. These are my areas of expertise. With my deep knowledge and many years of experience, both as manager in leading positions and as a consultant, I give support to executive managers in change and development processes, demanding both persevering intention, courage and know-how.

My professional reputation

Suzanne is utterly professional, engaged and driving, with explicit commitment to the client throughout the processes. She is distinct, focused on objectives, driving and rapidly creates confidence for both the project and for herself as a person. Suzanne is a very experienced consultant who always has the client ́s actual needs as the basis. She has the ability to link theory to praxis and sees the overall picture, with great understanding for people.

Suzanne is used to working with large developmental projects and has multifaceted experiences. While being keenly responsive she sets distinct borders around her assignment. She is confident in her professional role, has a pleasant relaxed and humble attitude, while being straightforward, clear and challenging. Suzanne has high credibility, is curious and explores the larger context in which the tasks exist, without the client feeling disputed. She radiates energy, is always felt to be present and continuously has the ambition to achieve good results for the client. *

* The above is based on opinions from 12 clients who have responded to a number of questions anonymously in August 2012 The responses have been edited and narrated by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation.

Bioss Sweden
Kungsgatan 10
SE-111 43

T: +46 70 484 87 16