Henrik Gillberg

Henrik’s analytical abilities are inspiring. He sees the challenges of the company and aways wants to create real client benefits. *

What you can expect from me

I am more and more engaged in creating organisations that are effective and sustainable over time and that can cope with changes in the economy, structures that prevent staff reductions in downturns and lack of resources in times of growth. This is also reflected in my long perspectives when recruiting managers and specialists. My engagement in organisational development is supported not only by the empirical organisational research by Bioss, spanning over decades of economic cycles, best practices, political and business climates all over the world. I thrive in my advisory role where the clients gets the possibility to assimilate valuable expertise and have a sounding board for discussion and thought about their specific situation.

My professional reputation

Henrik has a distinct commitment and makes his client feel significant. He is always near his client and with his sharp analytical skills he sees what works and creates real value for his clients. Henrik is utterly professional an receptive with high integrity. He has great perseverance and always wants to complete assignments in the best possible way. Henrik is social, verbal and very pleasant to work with.

Henrik has a high level of ambition, works towards clear goals and has drive. He keeps himself updated, shares his expertise and wants to develop all the time. Henrik inspires when he sees the challenges that a company stands before and he rapidly creates string trust. Henrik quickly sees possibilities and can transfer this attitude to his surroundings and his clients.

* The above is based on opinions from 10 clients and colleagues who have responded to a number of questions anonymously in May 2014 The responses have been edited and narrated by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation.

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