Robbie Stamp

Robbie is Chief Executive of Bioss International.

Prior to this, Robbie was Chairman and Chief Executive of The Digital Village, a media company founded with the late Douglas Adams, which pioneered social networks to create content on the internet. He also created HandHeld History, a mobile phone content company.

Robbie has given two TEDx talks this past year: at TEDxLondonSalon on digital afterlives, and at TEDxLondon on "How Grief Feels". As the creator of the Bioss AI Protocol, he was a keynote speaker at the CognitionX AI Conference, and submitted evidence at the invitation of the UK Parliamentary Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence.

Between 1995 and 2000, Robbie was CEO of h2g2, formerly The Digital Village, the company he co-founded with the late Douglas Adams in 1995. The company created the computer game Starship Titanic and, the real 'Earth edition' of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was sold to the BBC. TDV, an early pioneer of online communities and user-generated content, was also involved in television, mobile Internet distribution, and e-commerce deals.

Earlier in his career, Robbie worked as a television producer on a series of documentary films on the environment, for Central Television's flagship documentary series Viewpoint that won over thirty major international awards, including in 1988, the prestigious Prix Italia for Can Polar Bears Tread Water? about global warming.

Robbie has co-authored three books, The Day War Broke Out, Trojan Horses and Top Guns and Toxic Whales.

On leaving Cambridge University in 1982 with a BA (Hons.) in History, Robbie worked at the National Theatre and travelled to India to work with Habib Tanvir and the Naya Theatre Company.

The eldest son of Bioss International founder Gillian Stamp, Robbie is married with two children.

Chief Executive
Bioss International
Devonshire House, Level 1
One Mayfair Place
United Kingdom

T: +44 7887 578397