Lena Freijd

With her engagement for the individual Lena solves complex challenges, inspires in issues for the future and develops structures for effective leadership
My professional reputation
Lena is truly engaged in working with development, not least with management teams needing to change in order to work more effectively. She is dedicated to solving complex challenges in business, where Lena acts distinctly with both empathy and power in the execution. With her ability to develop structures around good leadership, Lena both reads and understands the dynamics between people. She is loyal and genuine, curious about people, has moral courage and positive obstinacy.

Lena is very clear about what she wants, what she stands for and she is driven by her values. She inspires greatly in issues for the future and is a pragmatic change leader, who with her view of the whole lifts the individual to create lasting results. Lena has a high and contagious level of ambition, she drives to find solutions, has a twinkle in her eye and is at her best when she faces significant challenges. She is discerning, gives energy and through her warmth she creates safety in the individual conversation.

*The above is based on opinions from 14 clients and collegues who have responed to an number of questions anonymously in September 2015. The responses have been edited and narrated by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation

What you can expect from me
In a world  of constant rapid changes there are an increasing demand on management, organization and individual to understand and grasp wholeness as well as context. I can contribute by together with you ask questions, seek answers and see new opportunities to meet current and future challenges.

Bioss Sweden
United Spaces - Waterfront Building
Klarabergsviadukten 63
101 23

T: +46 72-747 99 00