Julia White

Since 2000, Julia has worked with people and organisations as Managing Director of Bioss International Zimbabwe and Bioss Central Africa, and is currently part of the Bioss Global Team. She has extensive international experience in private, public and third-sector organisations, as well as various governance and human rights bodies.

Julia has worked in Southern, Central and West Africa, Europe, South and North America, Australasia and Southeast Asia, and has assisted major private, public and third-sector organisations with transformation programmes to align their people and structures with organisational objectives.

Julia has led a number of projects, both in Africa and internationally, focusing on a range of people and organisational development processes including leadership development and large-scale capacity building. Sectors worked in include: banking, mining, manufacturing, and a range of service industries. A large proportion of the work in Africa has been with third-sector organisations and various governance and human rights bodies.

Julia is currently a member of the Bioss Global Team, heading up its capacity-building initiatives worldwide and co-ordinating the development of tools, services and methodologies across the three Bioss practice areas of People, Work and Context. A key feature of this role is to build capacity for Bioss partners across the globe, ensuring world-class training, standards and practices. Julia is also a global trainer in Career Path Appreciation, a role that has involved training and coaching for major global clients.

Julia is a board member of Bioss International Zimbabwe and Bioss Central Africa, and has been on the boards of the Department of Applied Linguistics at the University of Zimbabwe, and the Southern African Landrace Research and Development Institute.

Managing Director
Bioss Central Africa
40 Montgomery Road

T: +263 77235392

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