Colette Cavaleros

Colette started working with Bioss SA in 2001. She is an Industrial Psychologist (registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa) and is currently in private practice. She specializes in applying occupational and other assessments for the purpose of individual and team assessment and development; leadership development; talent management; succession planning; and organisational design and development. Colette obtained her BA Honours and Masters degrees cum laude (Rand Afrikaans University, now the University of Johannesburg).

An accomplished public speaker, Colette has presented at numerous local conferences on topics including performance management, assessment centers, succession planning, and talent management. Through her wide network and membership with the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology, she ensures her own continued development, and is able to keep abreast of best practices, local and international trends, and new developments in her field.

With 14 years' consulting experience, Colette has worked across a multitude of industries, including cellular, mining, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, automotive, construction, aviation, and financial. She has accumulated experience in organisational development and design, restructuring, skills development, training and development, job profiling and grading, recruitment and selection, organisational and climate surveys, competency development, and occupational assessments. Throughout her career, Colette has worked locally in South Africa as well as in Mozambique, Swaziland, Nigeria, Botswana, Singapore, Oman, and Australia. She has worked successfully with diverse groups of people, across all levels in organisations.

Colette's service offering centres on performance excellence, providing both an organisational and people perspective. She focuses on auditing and developing/redesigning the organisational structure to ensure its effectiveness - that each position is relevant, adds value, and contributes towards achieving the strategic intent of the organisation. To ensure optimal performance using a people perspective, Colette is certified and accredited in the use of a wide range of psychometric and other occupational assessments. The resulting assessment information can be used to ensure an optimal person-to-job fit, and to develop, manage and retain human capital so that organisations have the right capacity now and in the future to meet their strategic objectives.

A dynamic individual who is goal-oriented and driven by results, Colette enjoys challenge, change and being involved in a wide range of activities. One of her key strengths is customising solutions to meet the needs of her clients. By understanding the bigger picture, she is able to interpret and communicate information obtained through occupational assessments to facilitate effective decision-making. Where necessary, she is able to draw on her extensive network to ensure her service offering has maximum value-add for organisations and individuals.

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