Bryan Phillips

Before establishing his consultancy business, now known as True North Australasia, Bryan was the senior manager responsible for OD and HRD in Billiton prior to its merger with BHP. He was responsible for example for the group’s people and organisation development strategies, policies and systems and it was in this context that he introduced Career Path Appreciation (CPA) into Billiton as a key input into succession planning and development, and leadership development and placement processes. 

Bryan is a director of Bioss Australasia which is Bioss International’s chosen entity to oversee and quality assure all Bioss work (including CPA) carried out in BHP Billiton globally. 

Bryan is an accredited CPA and MCPA practitioner with over twenty years of experience in career management and succession planning, executive coaching, leadership and people development, and organisation development. He has made extensive use oflevels of work tools in public and private sector work in these areas. Bryan is passionate about enabling individuals, teams and organisations realize their potential – the core business of True North.

Bryan has a Master of Arts (Hons) from the University of Canterbury and degrees from the universities of Natal and Lancaster. He has attended the Executive Development Programme at Michigan University in the USA and the Management Development Programme at the University of the Witwatersrand. 

Bryan has had extensive exposure to the public service in the leadership roles he played during his business career in South Africa. He represented business in a number of national forums during the transition to a new government including the National Commission on Higher Education, the National Training Board, and, the South African Qualifications Authority.
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