Annemarie Rademeyer

Annemarie is director of Bioss Australasia, Bioss International’s chosen entity to oversee and quality assure all Bioss work (including CPA) carried out in BHP Billiton globally – work which Annemarie manages.  She builds the relationships with individuals and businesses who seek to add value through application of  Bioss tools and approaches in the Australasian region. 

Annemarie has worked as a consultant since 2002 when she left Billiton having successfully led large scale change initiatives in Billiton’s South African Coal business and in South African mining industry qualifications redesign in the post-apartheid transitions in South Africa. 

Annemarie holds a Masters Degree in Mathematics Education.  She continues to work in the education sector.  She is also a director of New Zealand entities True North Australasia and True North Alliance.

Bioss Australasia
69 Cliff Road
New Zealand

T: +64 (0) 9 478 5556