Anna Ljungbergh

With her clear-sightedness, business acumen and warmth Anna finds the forces for change, she inspires and creates safety for leaders to take themselves to the next level. *

What you can expect from me

I have one of the best jobs in the world. The reason is that I van be near when brave, clever and driven people develop and achieves results that they did not think were possible. Irrespective of it is about the individual, the organisation or the team all successful development needs to have a well thought out idea and process. I come along as long as it needs to find meaning, clarity, focus and energy to drive and reach the goal.

My professional reputation

Anna is highly engaged, she is constantly present and with her focus on results and her humility she inspires leaders to dare. She has great insight in management affairs and is very good at getting her head around different businesses. Anna has clear ideas about where she wants to get at in the processes in which she is involved. Anna gets people to believe in themselves and has an evident ability to make everything seem quite normal even in tough situations. With her humour and disarming ways she lets her client reason their way to a good solution. She helps to assure quality and to get people to reason outside their comfort zone, is clear about how to achieve results and sees to that one gets there. Anna is genuine, focus and is on the leading edge with her competence.

* The above is based on opinions from 12 clients and colleagues who have responded to a number of questions anonymously in January 2014 The responses have been edited and narrated by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation.

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Bioss Sweden
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T: +46 73-339 23 43