How confident are you in the quality of judgement
and decision making in your organisation?

Judgement and Decision Making

It’s a complex, changing world. Bioss believes that to turn strategic intent and purpose into reality, leaders can and should create conditions in which everybody – from the board to the front line – can exercise good judgement to make sound decisions. Increasingly, this also means thinking about the working relationships between human judgement and artificial intelligence decision making.

If the board and executive team neglect the judgement and decision-making ecosystem of the organisation, they risk creating anxiety, confusion, mistrust and incompetence. At one extreme, the outcome can be corporate scandal and reputational firestorm. At the other, the organisation might be effective for some years, but will slowly erode value as it struggles to stay viable in the face of turbulence and uncertainty.

In an organisation that induces good judgement and respect, people work together in ways that strengthen bonds of mutual trust and fairness, ensure competence, and enhance innovation.

These organisations deliver on strategy, contribute to the wider society, and create sustainable value in a complex world.

How Do We Help?

Bioss provides the analysis and tools for a new contribution to the conversation between key stakeholders, boards and executives around the wider meaning of “good governance”.

For board members, it may be useful to think of governance as assurance about the “safety” of the organisation – safety as in reputation, cost of capital, investments, etc., as well as physical safety.

On the other hand, executives are responsible for ensurance of the way resources of all kinds are deployed. Value and reputation may be created or destroyed in a company at any level.

Indisputably, the quality of execution determines reputation and performance and so the “how” is critical for all board members, executive and non-executive alike.

So how can leaders create dynamic conditions to support good judgement and decision making?

Bioss can help in two fundamental ways:

  1. Bioss’s Lines of Sight™ provide unique and ongoing data and analytics on the health of judgement and decision-making conditions in the organisation.
  2. Bioss’s Tools for Work™ is a flexible suite of programs that use the insights from the Lines of Sight to improve the organisational design and working relationships, in order to improve judgement and decision making throughout the organisation.

Our Network

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We work in the private, public and third sectors to help clients implement sustainable strategies in a complex world.

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